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Old Settlers Day

Photos by Eugenia Jones During Old Settlers Day, artisans from the Mountain Craft Center in Parkers Lake celebrated life in the 1800s. The annual event features a variety of pioneer life demonstrations and arts/crafts. The group of artisans are pictured in front of their historical log cabin which now serves as the Mountain Craft Center.

The notes of “Boil Them Cabbage Down” filled the air as an artisan played the dulcimer and also demonstrated the art of wood burning.

Sam Perry, along with Lynda, John, and Joah Mills, demonstrated camp-fire cooking, hominy making, and camp life. As a result of their demonstrations, the industrious pioneers had a delicious meal of camp-fire pinto beans, cornbread, and onion.

Sue Duncan demonstrated spinning. She had some help from Dominic Mills, who plucked fur from Sue’s Angora rabbits to use in her spinning.


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