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Gunning for answers (Update)

(Due to concern throughout the community, The Voice is providing the following information to our readers.  The goal of The Voice is to provide comprehensive, factual information to our readers.  We will provide full coverage in next week’s paper edition and will continue to follow this story as developments occur.)


On Tuesday, February 21, 2023, McCreary County School District Police Department Officer Gus Skinner arrested former McCreary County School Superintendent Dr. John W. Gunn, charging him with unlawful possession of a weapon on school property.

According to confidential sources, Dr. Gunn arrived at the McCreary County Central Office at approximately 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning to pack personal belongings from his office before anyone arrived at the building.  The McCreary County Board of Education had agreed to accept Gunn’s release agreement the prior night (Monday) in a split vote of 3-2.  Gunn arrived early hoping to retrieve personal items prior to school time.  When Gunn attempted to unlock the doors to enter the Central Office building, he was unable to enter because his key card had been deactivated.  The handgun became visible in video footage when Gunn was in the process of removing his key card from his pocket/wallet and in the process of attempting to unlock the doors.

According to Officer Skinner’s arrest citation, video footage from the school district camera system showed Gunn attempting to enter the McCreary County Board of Education with a handgun at 6:02 a.m.

Dr. Gunn then left the building without entering.  Confidential sources state Dr. Gunn later called the Central Office and was given permission to retrieve his personal belongings.  Apparently Dr. Gunn was in his office, packing his belongings when law enforcement arrived and entered the building.  Dr. Gunn was escorted outside and arrested.  He did not have a firearm on him when he was arrested by School Police Department Officer Skinner.  McCreary County School Police Officers requested the McCreary County Sheriff’s Office transport Dr. Gunn to the Sheriff’s Office.

According to the arrest citation, Gunn was arrested at 10:50 a.m., approximately five hours after Dr. Gunn initially attempted to enter the Central Office to retrieve his belongings.

A lockdown of the Central Office building and/or District-wide school buildings was not ordered.  Dr. Gunn was allowed to enter the building the second time to retrieve his belongings.  911 did not receive notification of any of the events until Sheriff David Sampson reported his transport of Dr. Gunn to the McCreary County Sheriff’s Office.

Dr. Gunn has been served a summons to court for a charge of Unlawful Possession of Weapon on School Property. Additionally, the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office (Ronnie Bowling) and McCreary County Attorney’s Office (Austin Price) have filed a motion for Gunn to post a bond and be arraigned.

(The Voice will continue its coverage of this developing story in our paper edition next week.  Our goal at The Voice is to provide comprehensive, factual information to our readers and will continue coverage of this story as developments occur.)  

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  1. Tiff on February 24, 2023 at 7:38 pm

    He should be punished and served with some time in jail. Period. Exactly why my child will be home schooled.

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