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Land Transfers

September 19th, – 23rd, 2022

United Cumberland Bank, Grantors to Maria Carter, Grantee. Tract one Sandhill Road 1.484 acres more, or less; Parcel two Sandhill 1.35 acres more, or less. $51,000. Timothy Griffis and Pam Griffis, his wife, Grantors to Whitney Braden, Grantee. 0.197 acres more, or less on East Appletree Road. $20,000. Aldena Sons, single, Grantor to Aldena Sons,…

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September 5th – 9th

Valerie Rose Wilson Pedersen, divorced, Grantor to Celeste Marie Wilson, widowed, and Lawrence Fredrick Farler, and his wife Tonya Marie Huff Farler, Grantees. Two lots in the C.D. Nevels Subdivision. Transferred by gift without consideration. The James and Betty Witt revocable living trust James Russell Witt, Trustee; Stanley Allen Witt, Trustee, Grantors to Pine Knot…

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